short video trailer

No EXIT / Berlin, 2011 HD video, 05:08 min., color
Live performance using 2000 meters of Caution Tape
Vocal ensemble:: Vox Nostra*
Cameras: Kristina Paustian & Anton Werner
Sound: Artem Besukladnikov
An artistic, architectural and performative intervention in Zionskirche (Evangelical church), Berlin, Germany
in collaboration with Vox Nostra – Vocal Ensemble


No EXIT / Berlin
Entekhabi used the tape as a construction material for the so-called “Parasitic Architecture“, with which he developed informal extensions of standing museum architecture. He recently employed the tape for interactions with the audience, using the tape to tie observers together, to hinder their movement, or to cover their eyes. The material is always related to the activities of a „migratory aesthetic“, thematising the process of inclusion and exclusion, both in the art business as well as in a societal context. He also erects a wall-like ‚architecture’ by running caution tape back and forth between two fixed points inside the church. An ephemeral barrier is created in the space, thereby evoking the tradition of the chancel or the Iconostasis of the Orthodox Church, in which the sacred space is divided from the public space. At the same time, the work with caution tape stands specifically in relation to Entekhabi’s gesamtwerk. He utilized the caution tape in various video performances, to cordon off territories in public space, which he then used for himself.
No Exit thematises the process of inclusion and exclusion. Both, Shahram Entekhabi and Vox Nostra, are active protagonists in the performance intervention. The action is comprised of Entekhabi´s work with red and white caution tape, which he has used in diverse video performances and interventions. The vocal ensemble Vox Nostra from Berlin is involved in the action by singing liturgical music of medieval Mass and Liturgy of the Hours, while its members perform symbolic actions far beyond the choreography of a typical concert situation. (Excerpt from the text)

Text: Kathrin Becker
Kathrin Becker    Berlin based curator and writer.
From 2001 to 2019 she worked as a curator, managing director and head of the Video-Forum at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.).
From February 2020, she works as the artistic director oft the KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany.

Vox Nostra*
VOX NOSTRA Since its founding in 2001, the vocal ensemble Vox Nostra under the direction of Burkard Wehner has devoted practically and theoretically to the vocal music of the Middle Ages.
The ensemble: Amy Green (Sopran), Susanne Wilsdorf (Sopran), Christoph Burmester (Alt/Tenor), Burkard Wehner (Tenor) and Tobias Hagge (Bass).

شهرام  انتخابی    尚莱姆_恩特卡比
Shahram Entekhabi is an German-Iranian- artist, curator & architect, currently living & working across Tehran, Iran - Berlin, Germany and Europe.