Trashy Sunday, 2007
Photograph series 'One person's trash is another person's treasure.' (80 x 60 cm. Each).
Shahram Entekhabiin collaboration with Martina Schoene-Radunski
Performer: Shahram Entekhabi , Costumes & Make up: Martina Schöne-Radunski, Photography: David Bornscheuer

Shahram Entekhabi is an Iranian artist living in Berlin. Bending gender as role-play is an ironic take on cultural stereotypes in Berlin’s lower class societies with a spin on immigrant experiences. Shahram Entekhabi is none of the characters he portaits, because he sees little value in their aesthetics. Desire here is portayed as something people end up with, when they don’t trust themselves and get trapped in someone else’s projections instead.
Humour & the Modern Clown / Muscles & Masculinities. A complex, intriguing object, The Book By Shahram Entekhabi. It’s hard to know how to grasp it, where to begin, on these pages that summarise the iconography of migrant males, tragicomic queens and the faceless on the margins of urban contexts, who have become the Iranian-Italian-German artist’s recognisable brand and evidence of how the only possible inhabitant of a globalised world is solely and exclusively the stateless one. Photographs, video frames, interviews, textual interventions: materials are disseminated in a fleeting topology. Not even the title helps us. What can this book be? What does it want to be? A jotter of reflections and notes for the future?
A diary of autobiographical surroundings - episodes, places, circumstances, companions? A ledger of clarifications, of showdowns? Something does indeed gain headway in those who come across this odd treasure, odd map. A perception, an empathy... The un-traceable Shahram, the leading player in a theatre of provocative masks and insolent stories, walking on the razor’s edge of homesickness for an imaginary country of origin, for a house of birth that proves to be nothing more, and nothing less, than a limit idea, an identity passed on infinitely. Theatre, self-irony, melancholy. Clown. ... and the map, is it complete?*

尚莱姆 · 恩特卡比 尚莱姆·恩特卡比是一位居住在柏林的伊朗艺术家。 通过角色扮演的性别偏移,并伴随描绘移民经验来 完成对柏林下层社会文化典型形象的讽刺描绘。尚 莱姆·恩特卡比并不是他所塑造的那些角色中的一 员,因为他在他们的美学中看不到多少价值。在这 里,欲望被人们并不相信自己、反而受困于他人的 投射中所最终成为的形象而被勾勒出来。**

"Trashy Sunday" appeared at the following exhibitions:

2020: Beelzebub´s Tales, curated by Raul Zamudio, The Empty Circle, New York, USA
2011: They Go Bang Bang in my Head — AARAN Gallery, Tehran, Iran (solo show)

*"Trashy Sunday" appeared in the following Publications:

2007: One person’s Trash is another Person’s Treasure, Book by Shahram Entekhabi
Publish Date: 2008. From “the book by” series of Fine Arts Unternehmen Books AG.
Codes: ISBN-10 3-03720-010-3 , ISBN-13 978-3-03720-010-0 , EAN 9783037200100

2007: Desire **, curator Thomas Eller
Published in the Vision Art Magazine:art feature / 146

شهرام  انتخابی    尚莱姆_恩特卡比
Shahram Entekhabi is an German-Iranian- artist, curator & architect, currently living & working across Tehran, Iran - Berlin, Germany and Europe.