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Legend of the Red Blossom Photographs

Survive on a Plastic Planet, 2021 Sound and mixed media installation + book + postcards. Various sizes

Legend of the Red Blossom The Legend of the Red Blossom" is a captivating series that combines visual storytelling with meaningful political messages. Inspired by the artist's sci-fi photo novel, the series features 18 fascinating photo-based works that transport viewers to the enigmatic planet "Goolcheh-Abad." The artworks depict an ancient tree and enigmatic one-eyed creatures, weaving a fantastic narrative with allegorical elements that shed light on the intricacies of political negotiations in everyday life and the importance of unity across borders.

At its core, the series revolves around the story of an ancient tree in the arid landscapes of "Goolcheh-Abad." This barren land, devoid of blossoms for years, symbolizes societal challenges and the yearning for change. The tree, trapped in a dark and damp prison, represents the desire for revival and transformation. Amidst this backdrop, a solitary woman appears in one photograph, metaphorically representing the strength and resilience of women in their pursuit of justice, reform, and their rights.

Through its evocative visuals, the series invites viewers to reflect on the human experience from a fresh perspective. By constructing an otherworldly realm, the artist prompts contemplation on themes of shared participation and negotiation within a political landscape. While explicit photographs of Iranian women may not be present, the metaphorical presence of a woman underscores the transformative power that women possess.

"The Legend of the Red Blossom" is a remarkable artistic creation that seamlessly merges art and politics. It encourages viewers to ponder their own existence and explore the dynamics of power, collaboration, and solidarity that extend beyond geographical boundaries. The series provokes thought and invites meaningful reflections on the nature of political discourse.

"Legend of the Red Blossom" appeared at the following exhibitions: 2021: Atash Afrouz ( آتش‌افروز), e1 Gallery (گالری ایوان), Tehran, Iran (solo show)
2021: Instigator, curated by Proyectos Raul Zamudio, Empty space, New York (solo show)

the story:

In a distant epoch, the planet Goolcheh-Abad harbored four singular creatures with a solitary eye, dwelling amidst a desolate terrain where flowers had ceased to bloom for an extended period. Faced with the desperate struggle for survival, these creatures resigned themselves to their impending doom, surrounded by the remains of their fallen kin. However, their somber existence took an unforeseen turn when, on a cloudy day, a spaceship resembling a donkey materialized in the heavens above. As the spacecraft landed, a miraculous metamorphosis ensued. The planet became engulfed in radiant light, concealed suns emerged from their cloudy veil, and a delicate flowering plant descended from the vessel. This fragile plant became the beacon of hope for the desolate life in Ghoolche-ha, captivating their hearts and inspiring the construction of a magnificent temple. The creature's utmost care and devotion ensured the eternal blossoming and happiness of this extraordinary plant.

Yet, as time went on, the plant began to yearn for the vastness of the galaxy and the potential to bring fortune to other worlds. Despite Ghoolche-ha's desperate pleas for it to stay, the plant made the difficult decision to depart. In response, Ghoolche-ha resorted to imprisoning the plant, hoping to force its continuous flowering. Years passed, and they eagerly awaited the plant's revival. One fateful night, a young girl awoke from a haunting dream. The dream depicted an ancient tree trapped within a dark and damp prison, adorned with a solitary silver blossom. Firm in her belief of the tree's existence, despite skepticism from others, the girl became determined to find it. Accompanied by her loyal robotic companion, she embarked on a journey aboard her spaceship.

Unexpectedly, on a serene and starry night, the same spacecraft that brought the original plant reappeared in the skies above Ghoolcheh-Abad. Filled with joy and driven by her insatiable desire for a replacement plant, Ghoolche-ha eagerly approached the spacecraft. This time, a colossal robot emerged, followed by the girl. When she presented a small statue of the red flower, Ghoolche-ha grew fearful. Worried that she would discover the captive plant, they conspired to deceive her, even contemplating her demise. Nevertheless, the girl was invited to their home, where Ghoolche-ha attempted to convince her that the plant had never existed. Claiming to suffer from the same drought as neighboring planets, they dismissed the red bloom's existence as a mere legend fabricated by their ancestors who had endured famine. Content with their explanation, the girl departed, vowing never to return to their devastated planet.

As she prepared to leave, the girl noticed something suspicious but continued onward, while Ghoolche-ha observed from a distance. With a sense of relief, Ghoolche-ha returned home and fell into a deep slumber, hoping to awaken to the sight of the tree blossoming once more. Unbeknownst to them, the spaceship silently returned while they slept. The girl tirelessly searched and finally discovered the imprisoned tree concealed behind Ghoolche-ha's abode. Guided by her faithful robot, she used its gentle light to melt the door, revealing a resplendent silver-red blossom. The tree, the very same tree from her dream, proclaimed itself as the last of its kind, destined never to bear another flower. Entrusting the girl with the care of the red blossom, just as it had been cared for until then, the tree bestowed upon her the responsibility to protect and cherish this unique flower, spreading its beauty to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.
As she departed from Ghoolcheh-Abad, the planet that was once doomed found itself bathed in the soft radiance of the tree's love, undergoing a remarkable transformation. Dormant flowers burst into vibrant life, adorning the barren land with a kaleidoscope of colors. The one-eyed creatures of Ghoolcheh-Abad awoke to a sight they had believed would never grace their eyes—a land teeming with blooming flowers, brimming with life and hope.
News of this miraculous rejuvenation quickly spread throughout the galaxy, captivating the attention of curious travelers and esteemed scientists alike. They flocked to Ghoolcheh-Abad, eager to witness the extraordinary revival firsthand. The once desolate planet, veiled in despair, became a symbol of resilience and the indomitable power of love.

The girl, now hailed as the guardian of the last red blossom, continued her journey, sharing the flower's beauty with other planets in need. She traversed vast distances, spreading joy and inspiring others to nurture the delicate wonders of the universe. Over time, Ghoolcheh-Abad transformed into a sanctuary for those seeking solace and renewal. Visitors arrived, paying homage to the miraculous red flower, each person touched by its story and the girl's unwavering devotion.
The planet flourished, not only with the blossoms that adorned its surface, but also with a newfound sense of unity and compassion among its inhabitants. Generations passed, and the tale of the one-eyed creatures, the captive plant, and the girl who breathed life back into Ghoolcheh-Abad became the stuff of legends. The planet, now revered as the Garden of Hope, served as a timeless reminder that even in the face of despair, a single act of love and unwavering determination could transform the darkest landscapes into paradises.

And so, the story of Ghoolcheh-Abad transcended the boundaries of space, inspiring countless souls across galaxies to believe in the power of kindness, to nurture the beauty within themselves and others, and to always seek the light amidst the deepest shadows. The last red blossom continued to thrive under the watchful care of the girl and her descendants, an emblem of resilience and the everlasting power of love. Its presence served as a beacon of hope, radiating its enchanting allure far and wide.

As the eons rolled on, Ghoolcheh-Abad became a revered destination, not only for its breathtaking blooms but also for the profound lessons it embodied. The planet remained an oasis of inspiration, drawing pilgrims from distant stars who sought solace, renewal, and the chance to witness the ethereal beauty that had transformed a barren wasteland into a celestial haven.

The girl's legacy endured, her name whispered in reverence across galaxies. Her selfless act had left an indelible mark on the universe, reminding all who heard her tale that love, in its purest form, possessed the power to resurrect even the most desolate of realms. And so, the last red blossom, forever cradled in the embrace of the cosmos, continued to bestow its enchantment upon the universe, a timeless testament to the triumph of hope, love, and the enduring spirit of Ghoolcheh-Abad.

شهرام  انتخابی    尚莱姆_恩特卡比
Shahram Entekhabi is an German-Iranian- artist, curator & architect, currently living & working across Tehran, Iran - Berlin, Germany and Europe.