Challenge Your Supremacy, 2017
tlas Shrugged Right, 2013

Challenge Your Supremacy, 2017
Ball Pen on Paperboard, 95 x 75 cm From the Panchatantra series

A drawing from the Panchatantra series created in 2017 by Shahram Entekhabi.

Inspired by ancient Persian literature and sagas, Entekhabi merges traditional artistic techniques with a contemporary sensibility.

The artwork features a lion and a rabbit, symbolizing power and intelligence respectively.

The rabbit holding a mirror in front of the lion represents the theme of challenging supremacy and invites viewers to reflect on power dynamics and the transformative potential of self-examination.

Entekhabi's aim is to bridge traditional Persian culture with contemporary art practices, infusing their work with cultural depth and historical significance.

The artwork prompts contemplation of the interplay between tradition and innovation, encouraging viewers to explore their cultural identities within a global context and consider the significance of collective history.