Drawings by Shahram Entekhabi,  شهرام انتخابی
Selected Drawings and Works on Paper

Paparishu, Ball Pen 0n Paperboard, 2017

Quartet Drawings, Ball Pen & Metal 0n Paperboard, 2017

From Beijing With Love, Ball Pen on Paperboard, 2016

Atlas Shrugged, Drawing Series, 2013/17

When I Was Young, Drawing Series, 2013

Panchatantra, Drawing Series, 2012-13

Detention, 2012, Ink & Ad-Foil on Paperboard

Carrying Man ,2012, series 14 pieces, Ball Pen on Paperboard

Shahre-Ghesseh (City of Tales), 2012, Ball Pen On Cardboard

Hamal, Falak, Tabut, 2012, Ball Pen On Cardboard

Fresh Me, 2003 - 2010, ink, Pencil, Bal Pen & Adhesive Foil

Converts, 2010, Ink, Pencil & Adhesive Foil on Paperboard

Kerosene, 2011, Color Pencil, Ball Pen, Paper

Feeder, 2011, Ball Pen & Metal on Paperboard

Mulla Nasrudin, 2011, Ink & Pencil on Paperboard

They go Bang Bang in My Head, 2010, Colored Pencil on Paper

Damm in A Stream, 2010, Pencil on Paper Board

Rhizome, 2010, Ink and Pencil on Cardboard



Breakfast with Dinosaursby Shahram Entekhabi 2018
Selected Films and Video Works

Breakfast with Dinosaurs, 2018
Full HD, Language: Persian (with English subtitles),
Audio: Dolby Digital, Runtime: 52:24 min

My Mother – The History of Iran, 2015
Full HD, Language: English, Audio: Dolby Digital, Runtime: 78:30 min

Man Filam (I am an elephant), 2014,
Two Channel Vid

Self Portrait as a Fountain, 2013,
Single Channel Video Loop

I am John Galt, 2013,
PAL video

Globe, 2013, HD video

NOEXIT Rotterdam, 2013, HD video

No Exit, 2011, HD video

72 Virgins, 2009, video Pal

Haji Firuz, 2007, HD video

Watching, 2007, HD video

8 to 1, 2006, video PAL

Islamic Star, 2005, HD video

Mladen, 2005, HD video

Mehmet, 2005, HD video

Miguel, 2005, HD video PAL

Caution, 2005, video PAL

Mimra, 2005, video PAL

i?, 2004, video PAL

Happy Meal, 2004, video PAL

Fresh Azan, 2003L

The Carousels, 2011, video HD

ReCyCle, 2003,vVideo Pal

Dead Satellites – A Video Trilogy

Who's afraid..., 2007, HD video

Bound to Doll Dreams, 2008, video Pal

Collaborative Works With Mieke Bal
Alcazar, 2004, video Pal

Glub (Hearts), 2004, video Pal

Lost in Space, 2005, video Pal

Road Movie, 2004, video Pal

Rockefeller Boulevard, 2004, video Pal

Collaborative Works With Helmut Kandl
Herr Karl aus Nemsa, 2003, video PAL

Collaborative Works With Behrang Samadzadegan
Limbo, 2012, HD Video

Early & Experimental Works

Forward to Death, 2006

Los Conquistadores, 2005, video Pal

Off The Shore, 2005, video Pal

Me Peeping, 2003, video Pal

The Crow, 2002, Video Pal

Play Back, 2002, video Pal