Bound to Doll Dream


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Bound to Doll Dreams, video, Pal, 14:44 min color sound
Part three of the trilogy "Dead Satellites" 2008

It is the big day of the ceremony. The bride is proudly dressed in white. Preparing what is left to do for the big moment. Her future husband is quite unconscious and bound to a chair. His face looks tired and wasted. She feeds him, caring and maternal, shaves his beard and combs his hair.
The atmosphere reflects the absurdity of the situation. It is a game. Why did the young bride tie the man to the chair? Where does he come from?
The passivity of the man is not an indication for his innocence.
Who is really the culprit in the story?

Performers: Martina Schoene-Radunski & Shahram Entekhabi

Camera: Arne Hector
Thanks to: Sterling Gold, Berlin and Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin
Written & Directed by Shahram Entekhabi