Installation view


Flower Installation (Video Projection on Painting, Color/Sound), 2004

Prologue: The artwork Flower Installation (2004) by Shahram Entekhabi presents a juxtaposition of mediums and concepts. The viewer is greeted by a monumental painting measuring 210 x 300 cm, featuring an intriguing scene. At the forefront stands a man, elegantly dressed in a dark suit and a light shirt, holding a light blue suitcase in his left hand. With a serious and reserved expression, he extends his right hand, presenting a blossoming red rose towards the viewers. Behind him, on the painted canvas, is a wall of a house, with a partially visible barred basement window.

In this video work, the painting serves as both a static backdrop and a dynamic projection surface. A street scene with passers-by walking past is skillfully projected onto the background of the painted picture, onto the wall of the house. The convergence of these mediums creates a powerful synergy.

The video projection breathes life into the painting, animating the static image and enveloping it with the vibrant energy of the outside world. Through this fusion of visual elements, the projected street scene interacts with the painted figure, generating a compelling tension between the two. The figure, seemingly caught between the realms of the painted surface and the projected reality, occupies a state of intermediacy that demands the viewer's attention.

As the video image unfolds, the painted figure remains absent from the projected scene, acquiring a distinct materiality within the overall composition. It neither fully merges with the radiant effect of the painting nor seamlessly integrates into the stream of passing people. The enigmatic presence and absence of the figure further accentuate its significance, evoking contemplation on the complexities of representation and perception across different media.

Flower Installation made its debut at the 2006 exhibition titled "Urban Creatures," curated by Dorothee Bienert, held at the Pori Art Museum in Pori, Finland. The artwork's thought-provoking nature and unique blend of mediums captivated audiences, inviting them to explore the interplay between painting and video projection within the urban context.

Through Flower Installation, Shahram Entekhabi explores the conceptual themes of duality, presence, and the transformative power of projection. This compelling artwork exemplifies the artist's dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, provoking contemplation, and engaging viewers in a multi-sensory experience.

"Flower" appeared at the following exhibition: 2006:' Urban Creatures — curated by Dorothee Bienert, Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland (catalogue)