Video stills - PAL video, color, sound, 02:16 min.

Eight To One (8:1)
Exploring Nuances of Isolation, Ideological Conflicts, and Cultural Complexity

Shahram Entekhabi with Asma Mundrawala, 2006

Shahram Entekhabi's video artwork Eight To One (8:1) offers a whimsical reinterpretation of the renowned "West Side Story" in a Pakistani context, set against the vibrant backdrop of Lahore. With deftly juxtaposed elements and symbolic imagery, Entekhabi delves into the intricate dynamics of isolation, ideological conflicts, and underlying violence within a society fragmented by cultural and social divisions. The presence of a band of young men evokes a tangible sense of tension and imminent turmoil reminiscent of the original narrative, while their portrayal within the Pakistani milieu adds layers of cultural complexity, emphasizing the convergence of diverse experiences.

At the heart of the visual narrative lies the gradual entrapment of a young girl within a web-like drawing, symbolizing her quest for a secure and secluded haven amid the surrounding chaos. This evocative visual metaphor eloquently embodies themes of isolation and masculinity, shedding light on the struggles faced by individuals ensnared in the crossfire of societal divisions and cultural discord.

Donned in pristine white uniforms, the boys provide a striking contrast against their surroundings, their synchronized finger-snapping and rhythmic movements mirroring the coordinated dances of the Jets in "West Side Story." Through this choreography, Entekhabi captures the essence of unity and collective identity among the boys, hinting at their shared experiences within their own cultural context.

Simultaneously, the video highlights the girl at the center, enveloped by her self-fashioned net, serving as a sanctuary she has ingeniously created for herself. This portrayal underscores her resilience and unwavering determination to carve out her place in a world fraught with challenges and discord. As the scene transitions to a classroom where the boys sit and snap their fingers, an intriguing ambiance permeates the air, suggesting the presence of unspoken tensions and misunderstandings between the two worlds of the West and the East.

Accompanied by a backdrop of Islamic religious pop music, the video gains an added layer of cultural resonance and spiritual undertones. The deliberate juxtaposition of this rhythmic soundscape against the backdrop of potential violence and cultural clashes serves as a compelling commentary on the intricacies of coexistence in diverse societies.

Eight To One (8:1) Shahram Entekhabi eloquently explores the collision of different worlds and the implications of the West/East conflict. His thought-provoking artistic endeavor prompts contemplation on universal themes of division, longing for connection, and the perpetual struggle for harmony within fragmented societies. This artistic analysis sheds light on the video's thematic depth, intricate visual symbolism, and its broader significance in fostering a dialogue on the multifaceted narratives shaping our world. Ultimately, Eight To One (8:1) stands as a testament to the transformative power of art in inspiring introspection and catalyzing discussions on the complex tapestry of sociocultural interactions.

Performers: Mohsun Riaz ,Mikail Ahmed ,Zeeshan Ahmed , Khizr Farooq , Hurmat ul Ain,Ejaz Mubeen , Arsalan Rafique , Jawad Saleem , Jawad Tariq ,Akdas Wasim
Camera: M. Rizwan Khalid
Assistant: Irfanullah
Acknowledgements: Vasl Lahore and National College of Arts and Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan
Eight To One (8:1) appeared at the following exhibitions and festivals, among others: 2009: Berlin Hot Shots — Organised by VASL Karachi, Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2008: SELECTED #3, A source for videoart lovers — The sixth videoart festival LOOP’08, Barcelona, Spain
2007: Art Radio Live — PAN. Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples, Italy