Dead Satellites

video still

Dead Satellites, 2007
Full HD video, 26:32 min, color, sound, language English

German Version (DE)

Dead Satellites is a film that deals with the challenges of migration and the phenomenon of self-ghettoization. Directed by Shahram Entekhabi, it examines the human and social aspects associated with migrants living in culturally concentrated cities far from their country of origin.

The film tells the story of two people, a man and a woman, who live in a well-appointed apartment in a Western country. Both are impeccably dressed in Western fashion, but they harbor a sense of unease, confessing, blaming, and suspecting that Western influence has transformed them into different people. Their identities are caught in a struggle between their past and their present, leading to a tumultuous confrontation with their cultural repression.

A defining moment is the arrival of a visitor, portrayed by the camera itself. Both the man and the woman release their pent-up aggression towards the visitor and launch a verbal attack that reflects their deep-seated frustration and resistance to outside intruders. The camera becomes a symbolic representation of the external influences that challenge their self-confidence and cultural identity.

As tensions escalate, the film reaches a climax where the man's aggression takes an eerie turn, revealing the devastating consequences of his entanglement with the Western world. The narrative explores the complexities of assimilation, the disintegration of personal relationships, and the profound impact of societal and cultural forces on individuals' lives.

Through its multidimensional approach, "Dead Satellites" invites viewers to reflect on the consequences of self-ghettoization and the complex dynamics of migration. It raises pressing questions about heritage preservation, the search for belonging, and the transformative power of societal change.

This film serves as a catalyst for dialogue and promotes empathy, understanding, and cultural integration. It highlights the challenges faced by migrants living in an intermediate state, neither fully integrated into their adopted society nor connected to their country of origin.

Performers: Sarah Bennani & Shahram Entekhabi
Camera & Editing: Kristina Paustian
Assistant Director & Photo Story: Martina Schöne-Radunski
Costumes: Herr von Eden
Thanks to: entertainment 3000, Berlin – Herr von Eden, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne – and Melanie Jeske, Hamburg
Produced by: Shahram Entekhabi & Fine Arts Unternehmen AG [Zug, CH]

"Dead Satellites" was exhibited at the following solo shows, among others:

2008: Dead Satellites, curator Malin Barth, Kunsthall 3,14 Bergen, Hordaland International Art Gallery, Bergen, Norwegen
2008: From the Banks of a River called HOME, Centre d’art Nei Liicht, Dudelange, Luxembourg