Boundaries and diversity merge
The installation Caution Vienna, 20102 by Shahram Entekhabi

A transformative work of art that pushes the boundaries of public space, Shahram Entekhabi's installation Caution Vienna, at Fotogalerie Wien, Austria, is a example of his ongoing engagement with Parasitic Architectures.

Entekhabi's artistic approach is characterized by a combination of architectural, performative, and pedagogical elements. Since 2001, the artist has worked with temporary structures and informal extensions of existing architecture to initiate a dialogue about ownership and control of public space. Caution Vienna is a continuation of this artistic practice.

The installation uses 1000 meters of "caution tape" that acts not only as material but also as a symbol of safety zones and restricted access. Entekhabi has used these ribbons to define and delineate spaces while creating temporary spaces that blend into the existing space. This artistic approach raises questions of ownership and control of public space and encourages viewers to rethink their notions of exclusivity and inclusivity.

Another part of the installation is the video works by Entekhabi. The videos placed alongside the Parasitic Architectures complement the sculptures and offer viewers a deeper insight into the artistic vision of creation. With the "Migrants" series, the artist focuses on the topics of migration and cultural diversity and draws attention to the experiences and challenges of minorities in public space.

Visitors to the exhibition were also involved in the creative process. Before the installation, Entekhabi asked passers-by on the streets of Vienna for two days about their definition of public space. These words and answers were integrated into the space and presented on the sculpture Parasitic Architectures. By opening the dialogue with the viewer, Entekhabi created a space for reflection and discussion about the social meaning of public space and the role of minorities in it.

The installation Caution Vienna, is a work that encourages visitors to question their perspectives on public space. Shahram Entekhabi combines architectural interventions, performative actions, and visual representations to create resonance in the viewer. Through his continuous exploration of Parasitic Architectures, he opens doors to new insights into minorities, migration, and the balance of power in public space.

Exhibition Information:
Exhibition: Forming Identity II
Curator: Claudia Marion Stemberger
Date: 2010
Location: Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria