Title: "Caution / London, 2007" - Art Criticism

The artwork "Caution / London, 2007" created by Shahram Entekhabi as part of the Para-Architectures series, is an abstract and large-scale installation composed of wood and barrier tape, measuring 1200 x 1100 x 270 cm. It was prominently featured in the "Intervention" exhibition, curated by Richard Ducker, held at the Fieldgate Gallery in London, UK.

Shahram's artistic practice within urban environments revolves around the notion that urban spaces often serve as exclusive domains for the practices and achievements of white, middle-class, heterosexual males. Through a range of performative approaches involving architecture, installation, and digital media, he investigates this concept.

In his exploration, Entekhabi addresses societal biases and suspicions towards "the other," visually representing fears, paranoias, and stereotypes constructed based on factors such as race, religion, or ethnicity. He also examines how individuals contribute to the marginalization and segregation of minorities through perceptions, politics, propaganda, and control. In response, Entekhabi deliberately highlights individuals who are typically marginalized or forced into self-ghettoization within urban environments, particularly focusing on migrant communities and their cultures, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern communities and their diasporas. The theme of visibility and invisibility repeatedly emerges in his artistic practice as he grapples with these issues.

Additionally, Entekhabiengages in the concept of Parasite Architecture, which questions social communication while deconstructing notions of public space and ownership. Parasite Architecture accentuates the ephemeral nature within the realm of informality, exploring themes of migration and cultural diversity. Across various global locations, Entekhabi creates informal extensions of existing architectural structures, such as museum architecture, or constructs independent temporary spaces. These structures, always situated in public spaces and constructed using caution tape (as seen in the Caution performances documented in a video available on the artist's website), propose ideas of safety zones and no-go areas. They draw attention to aspects of exclusivity and inclusivity within public spaces. The works blur the boundaries between performance, public space, and time.

In summary, "Caution / London, 2007" stands as a remarkable sculpture within Shahram Entekhabi's Para-Architectures series. Its utilization of caution tape as a building material and its inclusion in the "Intervention" exhibition contribute significantly to its significance within the realm of contemporary art.