Bulletproof Boho

Bulletproof Boho, 2018
Embroidery on Bulletproof Vest.52 x 50 24 cm.

Blending Ancient Craftsmanship and Military Symbolism

In Bulletproof Boho, Shahram Entekhabi presents an artwork that seamlessly combines the art of ancient stitching crafts with a diverse range of symbols associated with Iranian military forces. This amalgamation creates a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries, bridging the realms of tradition and contemporary themes.

The work showcases the meticulous embroidery that adorns the surface of a bulletproof vest, serving as a testament to the rich history of Iranian craftsmanship. Every stitch represents a culmination of ancient techniques passed down through generations, demonstrating the mastery and intricacy of traditional embroidery.

Within the intricate patterns and motifs, one can discern an array of symbols connected to Iranian military forces. These symbols act as visual cues, prompting contemplation on the intersection between power, protection, and cultural identity. They serve as a bridge between the historical and sociopolitical context from which the artwork emerges, allowing viewers to delve deeper into the complexities of militarization and its relationship to the individual and society.

By interweaving ancient stitching crafts with military symbolism, "Bulletproof Boho offers a profound commentary on the multifaceted nature of tradition, power, and personal expression. Entekhabi's deliberate fusion of these contrasting elements challenges conventional perceptions and invites viewers to engage in a deeper exploration of cultural heritage and its evolving role within contemporary contexts.

The juxtaposition of the bulletproof vest, a symbol of modern-day protection, with the delicate and ornate stitching exemplifies the artist's intention to provoke thought and discussion. It raises questions about the significance of aesthetics, functionality, and symbolism within the context of personal and collective vulnerability. The artwork becomes a conduit for contemplation on the complexities of our present reality, where violence and the desire for security coexist.

بوهمی ضد گلوله، هزار و سیصد و نود و هفت
برزنت گلدوزی پنجاه و دو × پنجاه × بیست و چهار سانتی‌متر شهرام انتخابی در اثر « بوهمی ضدگلوله» نوعی جلیقۀ ضدگلوله را همسان‌سازی کرده است. این جلیقه فاقد هر گونه کارایی محافظتی ست، از این لحاظ که بدون ورق‌های محافظ ـ که به طور معمول از سرامیک‌ فلزی یا اکسید است ـ ساخته شده است. این جنبۀ همسان‌سازی از این طریق شکلی مفرط به خود گرفته که جلیقه با گلدوزی سنتی ایرانی تزیین شده است، به همان شکلی که به طور معمول در ارتش کاربرد دارد. انتخابی از این طریق، دربارۀ ماهیت چیزها، رابطۀ میان شکل و کارکرد و همچنین رابطۀ میان تصویر و امرِ به تصویر کشیده‌شده به پرسشگری می‌پردازد.

Bulletproof Boho appeared at the following exhibition: 2018: Vicious Circle — Gallery Mahe Mehr, Tehran, Iran