Break, 2004
Shahram Entekhabi with Helmut Kandl
Multi-channel video installation: 3 Videos (Break, Sportclub "Rot-Weiß," and Goldene Finger), Photographs, Objects...

#1 Break, PAL video, 4:01 min., color/sound

#2 Sportclub "Rot-Weiß", PAL video, 4:33 min. (short version), color/sound

#3 Goldene Finger, PAL video, 4:23 min. (short version), color/sound

BREAK: A Boxing Performance

In their latest project, two artists venture into an entirely new arena of expression. It's about more than just boxing and martial arts. It's about delivering the complete package - from the outward appearance to the performance in the ring.

In Break, two artists come together in a masculine arrangement. A young referee guides and oversees the youthful showdown. But before the fight begins, let's take a behind-the-scenes look and follow the preparations in two fascinating documentaries.

The "Rot-Weiss" sports club becomes the training ground for the artists. Week after week, they face the challenge there, immersing themselves in the world of boxing. Sweating, fighting, persevering - it's all part of preparing for the big moment.

But the outward appearance also plays a crucial role. In "Goldene Finger," the two men have their hair styled and shaved in a Lebanese hair salon. They adapt their external appearance to fully immerse themselves in their roles. For them, everything is part of the game they have conceived.

The concept of this work is bold and experimental. The artists embrace new challenges and explore the interplay of performance, aesthetics, and male identity. They break free from the familiar boundaries and provide us with a glimpse into their creative world.

BREAK is more than just a boxing performance; it's an exploration of the human spirit, pushing the limits of artistic expression. Join us as we witness these two artists embark on a journey that transcends the physical and delves into the depths of their artistic souls.