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Attenzione / Bologna, January 27, 2005 - PAL video, 07:50 min., color/sound

"Parasite Architecture" is an artistic intervention unfolding as part of the ongoing performance series ""Parasite Architecture" - Artistic Intervention in Public Space." This intervention, based on the artist's intense exploration of public space and the multifaceted theme of migration, takes place as part of the Bologna Flash Art Show, positioned opposite the historically significant Bologna Sofitel Hotel. The hotel's haunting past, marred by the tragic Bologna Massacre in 1980, lends an additional layer of sensitivity and context to the performance.

In this captivating series, the artist boldly marks the streets with Caution Tapes, temporarily reclaiming a portion of public space without official permission. By challenging the dominant notions of ownership, they prompt viewers to question who truly has the right to claim these shared urban environments.

However, the audacity of the intervention raises heightened sensitivity among the authorities. As the performance nears its conclusion, a dramatic turn of events unfolds. The artist, confronted by the police, becomes a symbol of resistance and artistic defiance. They are abruptly arrested, their creative expression met with the rigid constraints of authority.

Taken to the police station, the artist's detention becomes an unexpected twist in the narrative. Yet, even within the confines of the police station, their message resonates. The artist's temporary confinement mirrors the confinement of ideas, challenging the boundaries placed upon artistic expression and pushing against the status quo.

"Parasite Architecture" disrupts the complacency of public space, stimulating discourse and prompting viewers to question their perception of migration, power dynamics, and the role of art in society. Through this immersive intervention, the artist urges us to reimagine the boundaries that shape our urban environment, encouraging meaningful conversations that transcend the limitations imposed by authority.

Camera: Gea Politi, Max Gartezla, Kathleen Cleaver and Lauren Lavitt

"Attenzione" appeared in the following Publications: Travelling city
Publisher: Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (Ecuador) 2015-10-3
Author: John Ramon Barbancho Rodriguez
Language: Spanish, ISBN 13 978–9978–77–244–7 ; ISBN 10 9978-77-244-8