Attention, 2009
3000 Meters of Caution Tape

Performative Interventions in Urban Space,
Performance near the statue commemorating the assassination of Sisi, the Empress of Austria
Forde, Geneva, Switzerland

These sculptures/ informal architectures are always constructed in public-spaces and always made from caution tapes suggesting ideas about safety zones and no go areas and importantly who is permitted and not within the public space. These works deal with the dual concept of performance and public space and time".
Parasite Architecture is rooted in the idea of the "informal", meaning everything which is temporary, inchoate, weak, imperfect, unfinished or formless. The concept of the "informal" was developed by various artists, theorists, and architects since the 1960s. The analysis is carried out in the context of questioning aspects of social communication (Gordon Matta-Clark), . . .

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