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Seat, 2003
Scupture, carpet, chromed steel, 230 x 145 cm.

The sculpture takes loans at the traditional seat furniture, which is used during the summer time on the roofs of Teheran, at the same time it is related to the flying carpet from "1001 night"

Seat /sculpture, permanent Video lounge installation at Videoforum, n.b.k. )neue Berliner Kunstverein) 2003-2012, Berlin

Shahre Farang narrates the story of Shahram Entekhabi´s Iranian past. It begins with his early school years which prompted the artist to embark on his quest for the sources of his identity.
The installation describes the characteristics of the artist´s native city of Tehran: it evokes smells of roasted bulbs and washing water running down the streets, the noises and pictures of everyday experience. All these fragments are drawn into the artist´s work. He presents some of the curiosities of his childhood to us, such as the Chemistry teacher, Mr. Azadi, with his endless formulas, the doll´s tea-parties of the artist´s two sisters and his daily small romances with the girls in the neighborhood and the romances of mothers whose lives seem to take place in a daily routine. The Shahre Farang man plays the central role in this history, showing a small palace fairy. tale of queens and kings. Many children stand around this tiny palace and press their noses and eyes against the peep-holes. Speaking in the voice of the Shahre Farang man from within the multicolored palace, Entekhabi conveys his impressions of the fantasy world. Upon the death of the artist´s father, his carefree childhood ends.

Exhibited at Shahre Farang (Farsi for 'chequeredworld'), KunstBüroBerlin, Berlin, March 18 to May 2, 2009