RE-CY-CLE, 2001
Video Pal, 05:37 min, color/sound

Standing at a window in his flat in Torstrasse, Berlin-Mitte (Berlin-Center), which is a sort of demarcation line between the wealthy, “in” Scheunenviertel and the poorer “No-To”, the area north of Torstrasse, Shahram Entekhabi observes with his video camera people in the street. Over six months he documented a specific form of the “Ich-AG”oder "Solo Selbstständiger", a term that was created for the new post-fordisitic form of a one person-corporation or “self-corporation”. So called “Greifer” (tongs), which take with a special construction of tongs, grasping arms bottles out of recycling-containers, for which they can get deposit money.
Shahram Entekhabi combines the working process of the “Greifer” on the sound level with diverse sound fragments, as i.e. of the piece “The Heart of the Jungle” by British musician Jah Wobble, which mixes a Latin Version of the “Ave Maria” with trance-like drum computer-rhythms. The action of the “Greifer”, existential survival is confronted with a religious strategy of survival, the prayer. Religious integration into a hierarchic system of faith meets with economic integration into a market system. Both affirm the given systems of hierarchies; they are the product of these systems and part of them. As a result of the prayer-rhythm-sound the everyday survival is transformed into a ritual, quasi-sacral event.

Ausstellung im Kunst- und Medienzentrum Adlershof, Berlin
has appeared at the "Überlebensstrategien für Untrainierte – The Winner Takes it All"
September - October 2003

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