Quartet Drawings,, 2017
Ball Pen and Metal on Paperboard, 80 x 80 cm each

Quartet Drawings are a new body of work. In drawings on paper, Entekhabi's ever virulent artistic practice primarily focused on society is transferred to a sphere of associations and symbols : His drawings include a variety of references and citations, namely allusions to his Persian mythological heritage as well as to events of the recent history of I...ran. In accordance with his own life reality, in the "Third Room" (Homi Bhabha) between to cultures, also elements from the Western world flow into his drawings. Thereby the autobiographic and the surreal form a narrative with an open end. The richness of detail in his works conveys them a nearly psychedelic quality.

Exhibitetd at: -In-Between. Re-thinking transcultural identities, Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor, Berlin 2018
-White lies and some promises, AB GALLERY, Luzern and AB PROJECTS Zurich, Switzerland, 2 Feb – 19 Mar 2011

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