My Mother – The History of Iran, 2015
HD Video, color/sound, 78:30 min. Language: English

Written and directed by Shahram Entekhabi

Based on interviews with his mother Agdas Al Moluk Dabestani

In his film My Mother – the History of Iran, Shahram Entekhabi personalizes the narration of history in bringing together his mother's story with observations that he feels compelled to pass on. He aims to create an alternative narrative deviating from the mainstream historiography, portraying history as a malleable and subjective concept

Directing, camera, editing: Shahram Entekhabi
Text: Shahram Entekhabi based on interviews with his mother Agdas Dabestani
Translations: Amy Green, Sophia Schultz, Andrea Scrima
Narrators: David Allen, Andrea Scrima

My Mother – The History of Iran appeared at the following exhibitions and festival:
"The Sea is the Limit" at Yorkshire Museum / York Gallery, UK
"Cinema Iran", Iranisches Filmfestival München
"ROHKUNSTBAU - The Beauty in the Other", Schloss Lieberose, Spreewald, Germany
"History is a Warm Gun", n.b.k. (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Berlin, Germany

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