3 Seconds, 2004 comprises a total of 24 analog photographs, each measuring 60 x 40 cm. This includes a 3-second black and white silent video.

The video work titled "3 Seconds" provides a thought-provoking commentary on the complex and challenging issues surrounding the movement of refugees in Europe. The central character, referred to as the "migrant," is portrayed holding a flower up to the camera, symbolizing the universal desire for human interaction and compassion. The work is primarily concerned with exploring the notion of "welcome culture" in Europe and the continent's efforts to close its borders to refugees fleeing war-torn regions who are seeking safety and shelter through natural migration routes within Europe. The video work represents a timely commentary on the refugee crisis in Europe and emphasizes the importance of creating a more welcoming and accepting society for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. The piece, titled "3 Seconds," is part of the Im Super Heros series, which draws inspiration from the history of photography and early video, specifically the works of Muybridge. The Video consists of a series of 24 analogue photographs, which are also integrated into a short video. Super Heros.